Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card

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Enjoy all the benefits of our Visa® Platinum card, plus a whole lot of Visa® Platinum Rewards extras. With every swipe of your card, rack up points redeemable for travel, gift cards, merchandise, charities, and more.

Take advantage of our low introductory rates and no hidden or annual fees. Give a major boost to your purchasing power and your lifestyle with a card that does more for you!

EMV Credit Card Chip
The MHCFCU EMV Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card features chip-enabled technology, which provides added security and ease of use at payment terminals abroad. Not only does our credit card make overseas travel more convenient and safer, but you will also save with its special features.


  • Introductory 1.99% APR for all applicants*
  • No annual fee
  • Free balance transfers
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Points redeemable for several valuable rewards:
    • Travel on most major airlines and cruises
    • Gift cards to over 50 stores
    • Charitable donations
    • Merchandise
    • Middlesex Healthcare FCU-specific rewards
  • View our Online Rewards Catalog here
  • Make purchases online or in-store anytime, virtually anywhere
  • Meet financial needs as they arise
  • Establish or re-establish credit history
  • Easily access and track transactions online 24/7
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

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Design Your Own Card

Make your credit card as unique as you are! Middlesex Healthcare Federal Credit Union offers the ability for you to design your own credit card with the image of your choice.

Get Started

The ability to personalize your own credit card is available by logging onto Home Banking and click on your Credit Card Account. Here you will see your credit card Account information and under "Services" you have the ability to Design Your Own Card.

*Design Your Own Card Fee is $10, which will be charged to credit card.

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